Susan delivers a suitcase to Hopkins

Thank you to Susan for including a suitcase on her trip to Belize! <3 [NJT Toronto] “We delivered the supplies to a government satellite clinic in Hopkins, Belize. I expected rustic, but it exceeded my expectations. The delivery was not difficult, so not that adventurous. The clinic is a local outpost for a regional hospital. The building Read more about Susan delivers a suitcase to Hopkins[…]

Peter delivers a suitcase to Mozambique

Thank you to Julia and her brother Peter for connecting to get supplies to Mozambique. Amazing! [NJT Toronto] “I delivered the bag of medical supplies to AMODEFA . See also They were very interested in receiving the supplies, and will use the bulk of them in-house. Some, like the birthing kits, the distribute to their community-based Read more about Peter delivers a suitcase to Mozambique[…]

Michael delivers a suitcase to Santa Marta

Michael called delivering a suitcase “a special moment during our trip” to Santa Marta, Cuba. Thank you so much! ^_^ [NJT Toronto] “The NJT suitcase was successfully delivered to the Policlinico Communitario Santa Marta in Santa Marta, Matanzas on Monday January 28, 2019. The administrator and a colleague received the suitcase and were very thankful and appreciative Read more about Michael delivers a suitcase to Santa Marta[…]

Shuraine takes a suitcase to Uganda

Big thanks to amazing volunteer Shuraine for taking two suitcases all the way to Uganda! ^_^ [NJT Toronto] “Going to Uganda has always been a family vacation since my childhood days, where I would enjoy warm Christmases and an abundance of fresh foods and fruits grown in my grandparent’s garden. But this journey was a little different Read more about Shuraine takes a suitcase to Uganda[…]

John takes a suitcase to Valladolid

The smile of a successful suitcase donation ^_^ Thank you John for taking this suitcase to Valladolid, Mexico! [NJT Toronto] “We are finally able to donate the medical supplies after a long journey to Valladolid. We lugged the suitcase through the airport across the ferry to Isla Mujeres neat Cancun, back across the ferry then on the Read more about John takes a suitcase to Valladolid[…]

Mauritius takes a suitcase to Madagascar

“I just came back from the most amazing trip to Mauritius and Nosy Be, Madagascar. Knowing that Mauritius was quite developed, I opted to take an NJT suitcase to Madagascar. Nosy Be is considered to be a tourist hub and island jewl of Madagascar. It is also known for spectacular diving with some of the Read more about Mauritius takes a suitcase to Madagascar[…]

Theo delivers a suitcase to Santiago

Hi Everyone!! Theo and her friend has successfully delivered a suitcase to Santiago!! ???? Here’s a photo of them and their journey there… “Here is one of us at the clinic, the ‘hospitalito de atitlan’ and Santiago, the town where it is located. I didn’t have any problems with customs! To get the hospitalito required travelling on Read more about Theo delivers a suitcase to Santiago[…]

John delivers a suitcase to Cuba

Not Just Tourists – Manitoba has another great delivery to share! Traveler John took a suitcase to Playa Larga, Cuba. Here is a picture of the people at The Policlinico Celia Sanchez at Playa Larga receiving the supplies. They were very excited. As they pulled items out, they were like kids on Christmas morning. A Read more about John delivers a suitcase to Cuba[…]

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