Dolores And Ron delivers a suitcase to Cuba

Not Just Tourists – Manitoba has another great traveler story to share from Dolores and Ron:

This was our third year taking NJT suitcase(s) to Cuba through the Holguin Airport with no problems. Ron and I had a total of 4 large and 2 carry-on, plus a small backpack each, again, no questions asked. One large and one carry on sized bags were for NJT. We returned to the large hospital in Banes again this year with the medical supplies. Many of the people we have befriended in the area use that hospital for their needs and it also has an area for tourists.

We met with the same Nurse in Charge (Roberto) and Doctor as before. They said the supplies we brought them are very important to them and very much appreciated. We asked if they used what we brought them last year and they said, Yes, they distributed it in the areas of the hospital and it was all used. They are very grateful for our efforts and said what we are doing is important for the Cuban people. I added 2 stethescopes, 2 BP cuffs, 2 pulse oximeters (which they do not have, and like them a lot), Vitamins for Children, Adult and Prenatal, Acetaminophen, and a supply of Ranitidine which apparently there is a big shortage of in Cuba right now, and they cannot get it.

It was $60 CUC for a return Taxi from the resort at Guardalavaca to Banes, but we were able to make an excursion of it, having lunch at a local restaurant and inviting some friends to join us for the Taxi ride back to the resort area. it turned out the owner of the restaurant gave us a good price for our food when he found out we were at the hospital and we had a picture of his wife, one of the nurses, when we made the donation. Then the Taxi driver even stopped at his house and introduced us to his wife and daughter, they appreciated so much what we were doing.

It was a very rewarding experience, that we will certainly want to keep doing.

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