Bayla takes a suitcase to Havana

Thank you so much to Bayla for being more than tourists and taking two suitcases to Havana, Cuba! <3 [NJT Toronto]

“I want to tell you what a privilege it has been to be part of your wonderful organization.

We had no trouble delivering the suitcases although we had to go back to the clinic a couple of times. We also were able to see how appreciative the clinic was to receive the supplies you so perfectly packed for transport.

The clinic we choose was in the Vedado area of Havana. Maureen and I choose to first deliver one suitcase to this clinic which was just blocks from where we were staying. We tried to get help to deliver the second suitcase to the more remote area of The Viñales but the tour operator was reluctant to help us. We therefore took the second suitcase to the Vedado clinic as well.

Dr Ernesto spoke English well and told us that his clinic was central clinic for the Vedado. He has about 80 doctors working in the area who send patients to his clinic for tests an treatments.

It was a special moment to see how needed the supplies are and for us to help in a small way to facilitate their transport.

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