November 11, 2015

What We Send

Donations We Accept:

  • Supplies such as bandages, antiseptics, examination gloves, scalpels, wound-care kits, IV kits in sterile packaging, masks, disposable needles.
  • Dental and dental hygiene supplies, eyeglasses and optical supplies.
  • Personal hygiene items.
  • Wheel chairs, crutches, walkers.

What We Send:

  • Generic contents are sent to remote areas where we do not have a medical facilities contact.
  • Examination gloves, syringes, wound care kits,  etc.
  • Specific contents are sent to medical facilities that have received suitcases from us in the past. They will sometimes send us “wish lists” so that any future suitcases can be personalized to their specific needs.
  • Hospital supplies, such as more specialized items, are sent to hospitals. These include surgical instruments, IV supplies, machines and equipment.

What We Do Not Send:

  • Narcotics or any other controlled substances listed in Schedules I to IV of the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act medicines that are no longer approved by Health Canada
  • Clothing and shoes
  • Educational materials

Canadian Address: 240 Roncesvalles Ave, Toronto, Ontario

US Address: 3731 E. Casselle Ave, Orange, California -