Edurne takes a suitcase to Havana

Thank you to Edurne for taking a suitcase to Havana, Cuba! Much appreciated ^_^ [NJT Toronto]

“The trip was great! I liked the place and the people a lot. Although Cuba is a difficult place regarding their economy and so on so it is hard to see it as well.

Regarding the suitcase everything went great as well. I didn’t have any problems in the flight and I brought it to a small clinic in la Havana were the resources are very limited. People there was surprised about the big donation but very grateful once I explained the aim of the organization.

The reason why I wanted to do it and why I will keep doing it if I have the chance, is because obviously it is a very easy way to help others that don’t have the resources why have. Thanks a lot for being part of such a wonderful organization and make possible that people like me with such a little effort can help others.


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