Jen takes a suitcase to Guatemala

Thank you Jen for taking a suitcase to Guatemala, sounds like a wonderful trip! [NJT Toronto] “Our trip to Guatemala and Colombia was great! In El Paredon we went completely off grid, no wifi and black sand beaches – ultimate relaxation and tubing in Palomino Colombia.We found this organization to drop the suitcase offTHE INTERNATIONAL Read more about Jen takes a suitcase to Guatemala[…]

Vicki takes a suitcase to Varadero

Much love to Vicki for taking a suitcase to Varadero, Cuba! ^_^ [NJT Toronto] “Everything went smoothly in Varadero. It is a general emergency hospital. They really need sharps and IV kits. Not just tourists is a great organization. I will definitely do this again when I travel. Thank you for the opportunity.Vicki “

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