Jen takes a suitcase to Guatemala

Thank you Jen for taking a suitcase to Guatemala, sounds like a wonderful trip! [NJT Toronto] “Our trip to Guatemala and Colombia was great! In El Paredon we went completely off grid, no wifi and black sand beaches – ultimate relaxation and tubing in Palomino Colombia.We found this organization to drop the suitcase offTHE INTERNATIONAL Read more about Jen takes a suitcase to Guatemala[…]

Vicki takes a suitcase to Varadero

Much love to Vicki for taking a suitcase to Varadero, Cuba! ^_^ [NJT Toronto] “Everything went smoothly in Varadero. It is a general emergency hospital. They really need sharps and IV kits. Not just tourists is a great organization. I will definitely do this again when I travel. Thank you for the opportunity.Vicki “

Mike takes a suitcase to Dominican Republic

Mike took four suitcases with his students to the Dominican Republic! Thank you! 😊 [NJT Toronto] “I had a great trip in the DR with 10 university of Guelph students and seven alumni. We built 10 chicken coups and provided 30 chickens for each. Taught in three schools and installed a renewable resource drip irrigation system for Read more about Mike takes a suitcase to Dominican Republic[…]

Kirsty delivers a suitcase to Havana

Hi everyone!Check out Kirsty’s story below & her photos! She successfully delivered a suitcase full of medical supplies to local clinic in Cuba! Thank you Kirsty Louise Ainsworth 👏👏👏 (NJT, U.K) “We didn’t do the usual thing of spending a few days in Havana and then heading to a tourist beach resort, but instead, after three days Read more about Kirsty delivers a suitcase to Havana[…]

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