Jonny delivers a suitcase to Cuba

Here is Jonny’s story of his trip in donating an NJT suitcase to Cuba!! Great work! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻“My trip was very educational, and I managed to see many parts and aspects of the country. Customs was fine, I was stopped as my baggage had been tagged as containing pharmaceuticals, but after I explained that there were no Read more about Jonny delivers a suitcase to Cuba[…]

Maryann takes a suitcase to Lombok

Thank you to Maryann for taking a suitcase to Lombok, Bali, where earthquake victims will benefit! [NJT Toronto] “I just returned from Asia. I had a lot of adventures including trying to find somewhere to donate the supplies too. The clinic was wonderful place that allows people to pay they or if they can not Read more about Maryann takes a suitcase to Lombok[…]

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