John takes a suitcase to Valladolid

The smile of a successful suitcase donation ^_^ Thank you John for taking this suitcase to Valladolid, Mexico! [NJT Toronto]

“We are finally able to donate the medical supplies after a long journey to Valladolid. We lugged the suitcase through the airport across the ferry to Isla Mujeres neat Cancun, back across the ferry then on the bus up to Valladolid with the rest of our luggage.

When we got to Valladolid, the doctor that I had dealt with last year has moved on to hospital. He gave me the name of the private clinic he said could use the supplies. I checked out the clinic and it was not one that dealt with a poor.

So I went back today to the public clinic where we went last year that serves the poor. They were very happy to get the supplies. And we were very happy to drop off the suitcase.

Let me know if you would like to have the original receiving document as I can send it to you when I get home in March.


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