November 11, 2015

Not Just Tourists in the Media

“Vacationers can work with non-profit to bring medical supplies to places in need”– CTV

“Philanthropy: Not Just Tourists”– Orange Coast Magazine

“Locals Help While on Vacation, Filling Suitcases with Medical Supplies” -NBC 15

“How Tourists Can Save Lives On Their Travels”– CNN

“Not Just Tourists Expands Medical ‘Voluntourism’ Project With Bristol Branch”– The Guardian

“Taking An Extra Suitcase On Your Next Trip Can Save A Life”– Global News – Susan Hay

“How To Save Lives When You Travel”– Huffington Post

“Nurse opens local chapter of group that sends medical supplies with tourists”– CBC

“Charity Provides Supplies To The Needy Via Tourists”– City TV

“Toronto travellers bring medical supplies to 63 countries”– Toronto Sun

“How my suitcase helped save lives in El Salvador”– Telegraph (UK)

“Tourists Deliver Medical Supplies By The Suitcase”– CBC News

“Mississauga Family Upset Pharmacy Wont Accept Unused Medical Supplies”– CBC News

“Not for profit not just tourists opens chapter in kingston to deliver medical supplies”– Global News

“Travelling to a developing country, make your trip count by delivering supplies”– Toronto Star

“Not Just Tourists”– CTV National News

“Ottawa Couple Travelling To Cuba On Vacation With Stacks Of Luggage- Almost All Filled With Medical Supplies”- Ottawa Citizen

“Travellers Extra Luggage A Real Life Saver”– Catholic Register

“Young Burlington Nurse Experiences Life Changing Moments In Tanzania”– Inside Halton

“Travellers Do Good By Being Not Just Tourists”– Kingston Whig

“An Extra Suitcase Can Save A Life”– Waterloo Record

“Delivering A Suitcase Full Of Kindness Medicine To Those Who Need It”– Halifax Citizen

“Plus que touristes: apporter des fournitures médicales la ou il en manque”- CBC Radio FR

“Canadian Surgeon Risks Life”– Globe and Mail


“Not Just Tourists Shares Medical Supplies Through Travellers”– CouchSurfing Blog

“Toothbrush, Spare Socks, Scalpel”- MetroNews

“How to be an altruistic tourist”– O

“Not Just Tourists Toronto”– Canadian Chinese Voice

Fairchild TV Interview with Michelle Poon

“Not Just Tourists packing suitcases full of hope”– PAX News

“Dynamic Duo: Operation Green & Not Just Tourists”– University Health Network

Saving Lives, One Tourist at a Time“- Good News Toronto

“How An Extra Suitcase Can Save A Life”– Toronto Travel Massive

“Donating Medical Supplies Through Not Just Tourists”– Solo Mom Takes Flight

“Nothing says “Happy Valentine’s Day” like a new bed (or 150)”– University Health Network

“Packing For A Purpose”- Verge Magazine

“Tourists Return Hospitality In Becoming Lifesavers”- Philadelphia Tribune

“Changing The World Just Got Easier”– Give For Granted

Articles on the Origins of Not Just Tourists

“Canadian Living salutes: Denise & Ken Taylor”

They’re turning travellers into medical missionaries.
By Susanne Hasulo

Articles on Other NJT Groups in Canada

“Kemptville District Hospital Reaches Out to a Community in Need Half a World Away”
PR Web

Un vent de générosité souffle sur Mont-Tremblant
Mont-Tremblant L’information du nord

“New Life for Old TOH Tape Recorders”
The Ottawa Hospital Journal, 2012

The Ottawa Hospital Green Team: Clean medical supplies salvaged from pre-packaged kits opened to treat patients
The Ottawa Hospital Journal,  Vol. 14 | No. 15, August 24, 2011 | le 24 août 2011

“From tourists to missionaries”
Dr. Ken Taylor and his wife Denise are the driving force behind Not Just Tourists, a group that helps bring medical aid to more than 20 needy countries.
Medical Post, May 18, 2004: Volume 40, Issue 20

Articles by Katie Stewart on Haïti and NJT – Ottawa

“Organizations help nurse flying with aid to Haiti: Woman loads up on vital supplies for family”
Katie Stewart
The Ottawa Citizen, Monday, March 22, 2010

“With a little help, mountains can be moved for Haiti: Or, at the least, a lot of baggage”
By Katie Stewart
The Ottawa Citizen, April 5, 2010

Other articles

“HPIC at Work: Baby and young worker among those healed in D.R”
Health Partners International of Canada talk about Not Just Tourists travellers who took medicine to two clinics in the Dominican Republic.

“IPA to the rescue”
Region Two Journal: The Roundup, July/August 2010
An article about how an NJT member, Ed Prebinski, got supplies moved from NJT – Toronto to NJT – Ottawa. He did this with the help of Jennifer Dean of the County Cider Company and Region Two, particularly Lino Murarotto and Paul Dean.

Group’s relief efforts continue: Surplus drugs and medical gear are being sent to Haiti
Robert Bostelaar
Ottawa Citizen, Saturday, February 6, 2010

“Not Just Tourists – dedicated volunteers who help others one suitcase at a time”
(See page 4 for the article)
Between Us, Fall 2008
This newsletter was reproduced with the permission of the Perley and Veterans’ Health Centre, Ottawa

“Cuba. Take an extra suitcase … leave much-needed medicines and lifesaving gear”
Robert Bostelaar
Ottawa Citizen, Saturday, April 12, 2008

“Not Just Tourists bring more than luggage to Cuba”
Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC)
November 9, 2006

“Pack light . . . then pack another suitcase to leave behind”
by Mary Ellen Kot
Ottawa Citizen, February 17, 2007
Mary Ellen Kot article in Ottawa Citizen
This article was reproduced with the permission of the author.

“Christmas vacation, charity style”
By Jennifer Clarke
The Brantford Expositor, December 11, 2006
Jennifer Clarke article in The Brantford Expositor
This article was reproduced with the permission of the author.

“Not just tourists: supporting the world’s health —  one suitcase at a time”
By Dr. Atul Kapur
DocToc 2007:2:3
Atul Kapur article in DocToc
This article was reproduced with the permission of the author and the journal.

“Not Just Tourists”
By Jennifer Gruden
“These travellers are changing the world one suitcase at a time.”
This article was linked with the permission of

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