Wesley takes a suitcase to Santiago

Thank you to Wesley for taking a suitcase to Santiago, Cuba! {NJT Toronto]

“we did have a great vacation in Cuba.

The suitcase was tagged under my name we had no inspections done by transport authorities either in Canada or Cuba
However the city of Santiago is far from the resort almost 1 hour or more by taxi where there is a charge of 60 CUC. The taxis are not too good, very old with bad suspensions at least the one we used which was recommended by the resort manager Pedro. The roads are rough and the ride very bumpy not recommended for older folks in such taxis. Pedro suggested that the supplies could be given to the medical doctor at the resort instead to avoid this trip. In Cuba the medicals are free for the locals and so they need not travel to the city instead if they seek treatment at the resort. However, foreign nationals are charged and they can claim compensation from their medical insurance

I went to the city and tried to visit the locations that were provided by Not Just Tourists list of clinics in Santiago de Cuba, however I found these locations did not accept these supplies but the general hospital took these. I got the director to endorse for the receipt. It is helpful if you know Spanish/local language because this also was an issue for us

The hospital was generally clean but we had to lug the suitcase up the stairs as I did not see any elevator. Fortunately this was on the 2nd floor

I took a suitcase because I had room for a second suitcase in my baggage allowance and thus opted to take a full suitcase with a maximum 23 kilos as permitted by the airlines”

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