Eileen takes a suitcase to Cuba

“I felt privileged to share supplies with a colleague in another country who also shares my passion for community nursing!” the amazing Eileen took a suitcase to Cuba, thank you so much! <3 [NJT Toronto] “I took a NJT suitcase of medical supplies for Consultorio # 22 in Santa Lucia , a small village in the Cuba Read more about Eileen takes a suitcase to Cuba[…]

Lyndsay takes a suitcase to Dominican Republic

Big thanks to Lyndsay for taking a suitcase to the Dominican Republic! [NJT Toronto] “Our trip was amazing! This was my second visit to Hospital Luis Napoleon Beras in Quisqueya, Dominican Republic, and I was greeted like family at the door with a huge hug and kiss. To my left is my friend Marisol, the Read more about Lyndsay takes a suitcase to Dominican Republic[…]

Anabella delivers a suitcase to Laos

Following is a quote from Anabella in Laos: “Thank you Alberta and NJT for packing, carrying and delivering medical supplies to the Lao Friends Hospital for Children (LFHC). The LFHC provides free, high quality, and compassionate health care for children in northern Laos and we are happy to have NJT’s visit. On behalf of the Read more about Anabella delivers a suitcase to Laos[…]

Winnie and Satish takes a suitcase to Bhubaneswar

Two of our amazing volunteers, Winnie and Satish, took a suitcase to their hometown of Bhubaneswar, India, amazing job! Thank you for everything that you do! [NJT Toronto] “Winnie and I had a great trip. Bhubaneswar is our home town, so we know a few doctors through relatives and friends. We spoke to 4 health Read more about Winnie and Satish takes a suitcase to Bhubaneswar[…]

Wendy takes a suitcase to Camaguey

Thank you to Wendy and friends for taking 4 suitcases of medical supplies to Camaguey, Cuba! Amazing! <3 [NJT Toronto] “On our third day we visited the Local Cuban Clinic in Santa Lucia. We spent all morning with them, toured their facility, talked with them. My son Jonathan goes all out to mingle with the locals and Read more about Wendy takes a suitcase to Camaguey[…]

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