Dianne takes a suitcase to Isla Mujeres

Returned last week from a wonderful trip to Isla Mujeres, Mexico with Keith Worley, and we were happy to bring two suitcases of medical supplies to local health care centres on the island! The hospital was very grateful to receive syringes, IV supplies, continence management supplies, saline, tracheostomy kits, surgical drape kit, etc. And the Read more about Dianne takes a suitcase to Isla Mujeres[…]

John takes a suitcase to Valladolid

The smile of a successful suitcase donation ^_^ Thank you John for taking this suitcase to Valladolid, Mexico! [NJT Toronto] “We are finally able to donate the medical supplies after a long journey to Valladolid. We lugged the suitcase through the airport across the ferry to Isla Mujeres neat Cancun, back across the ferry then on the Read more about John takes a suitcase to Valladolid[…]

Eva takes a suitcase to Mexico

Not Just Tourists – Manitoba has a traveler story to share: Thanks for letting me take a suitcase to Cozumel Island, Mexico. My husband and I (Kelly and Eva) delivered the suitcase from Not Just Tourists to the Ciudadde Angeles a lovely orphanage with 40 children. They provide health care to these children and are Read more about Eva takes a suitcase to Mexico[…]

Tali takes a suitcase to Puerto Vallarta

Kudos to Tali Levy and family for taking a suitcase to Las Palmas, Mexico! In Tali’s words, “It was a great experience. We delivered the suitcase to a clinic in Las Palmas de Arriba, which was en route to the tiny Pueblo (San Sebastian del Oeste) that we were visiting in the mountains east of Read more about Tali takes a suitcase to Puerto Vallarta[…]

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