Michael delivers a suitcase to Santa Marta

Michael called delivering a suitcase “a special moment during our trip” to Santa Marta, Cuba. Thank you so much! ^_^ [NJT Toronto]

“The NJT suitcase was successfully delivered to the Policlinico Communitario Santa Marta in Santa Marta, Matanzas on Monday January 28, 2019. The administrator and a colleague received the suitcase and were very thankful and appreciative of the supplies.

We attempted to deliver the suitcase on Sunday. I thought it was a safe bet as we checked that the clinic was open and indeed it was. But the staff members present at the clinic on the Sunday, although very intrigued by the suitcase and cover letter, asked us to return during regular business hours on Monday. So we returned Monday morning.

The clinic was entirely different. It was filled with people everywhere. We proceeded upstairs to the area we were told to find the administrator and after sputtering in very poor Spanish a few times I was taken from one room to another until I got where we wanted to be. The administrator had obviously received NJT supplies before as she was aware of the process of form and photo. As I already said, they were very thankful for the donations.

Thank you for gathering and arranging the supplies as you do and making it so easy for others to lend a small helping hand to your organization to get the suitcases delivered. My family and I enjoyed the responsibility and opportunity. It was a special moment during our trip.

Best wishes,
Michael “

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