Catarina and Daniel takes a suitcase to Varadero

Catarina and Daniel took a suitcase to Varadero, Cuba, thanks so much! [NJT Toronto] “We had no problems whatsoever with the suitcase. After arriving at Varadero, we decided to bring the suitcase with us to Vinales, and there we delivered it at the Policlínico Fermìn Valdés (S. Cisneros, city of Vinales). The Doctor we talked Read more about Catarina and Daniel takes a suitcase to Varadero[…]

Chantal & Darryl delivers a suitcase to Holguin

The amazing team of Chantal and Darryl, & Sheryl and Bob delivered medical supplies to Holguin, Cuba, way to go everyone! [NJT Manitoba] “Here is a picture of the delivery of the medical supplies. Our daughter happened to require medical assistance while we were in Holguin. Having seen the hospital first hand has definitely reinforced Read more about Chantal & Darryl delivers a suitcase to Holguin[…]

Rignam takes a suitcase to Panama

Thank you Janelle for taking a suitcase from NJT Calgary to Panama. Despite “Crazy high winds that left us stranded, we were able to deliver the suitcase. The letter really helped.” Janelle is an LPN who is passionate about our cause and will be supporting us in the future. Thanks again Janelle!

Ariam takes a suitcase to Dominican Republic

Thank you to Ariam for taking a suitcase to the Dominican Republic! [NJT Toronto] “My trip was great but I wish I could have stayed in the DR longer!These med supplies were given to Angela (on the left), who is the ground administrator of the charity Providing Opportunity. A charity created to improve the living standards Read more about Ariam takes a suitcase to Dominican Republic[…]

Lynn takes a suitcase to Tanzania

Thank you Lynn for taking supplies to Tanzania! [NJT Toronto] “Thank you again for your wonderful red suitcase! It was well received! I gave our nurse the suitcase the day I arrived with a lot of kids watching and helping unloadPlease tell your team how fabulous they are!Lynn”

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