Shuraine takes a suitcase to Uganda

Big thanks to amazing volunteer Shuraine for taking two suitcases all the way to Uganda! ^_^ [NJT Toronto]

“Going to Uganda has always been a family vacation since my childhood days, where I would enjoy warm Christmases and an abundance of fresh foods and fruits grown in my grandparent’s garden. But this journey was a little different and one that was an incredible experience I was able to enjoy and feel like I was giving back to a community that I hold so close to my heart.

I traveled to Kitgum, a little over 400km upcountry for Christmas where I met Dr. Vincent Oringa who runs Bregma Medical Centre with one other doctor to provide healthcare to locals in need and have saved the lives of some of my own close relatives. Although it is small (and temporarily run out of a house) Bregma Clinic provides patients with walk-ins, pediatrics, women’s health needs, lab work and surgeries.

“I just wanted to convey through you, to Not Just Tourists, my appreciation for the free medical supplies donated to our clinic. I may not be able to find the best words to describe our appreciation to you and the organisation. We are forever grateful and may the good Lord continue to bless you abundantly.” – Dr. Vincent Oringa.

Even though before I arrived I had been in talks with Dr. Oringa to explain what NJT is all about, he was in shock that I was able to hand him two suitcases full of medical supplies at absolutely no cost. Everyone who contributes their time and efforts to NJT is very special and I am so happy to be a part of the cause!

(I have included some pictures from my trip to the clinic and also other pictures I took while hiking 13km up Lotuturu Mountain, near Bregma Clinic. Enjoy!)


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