Dawn delivers a suitcase to Roatan

“I loaded up my trusty SUV with over 8 large suitcases of medical supplies and school supplies and toys. It was quite a sight to see me come in to the Hilton Airport with just one person and 10 suitcases. I know I was quite a spectacle and I loaded all my stuff into the lobby and everybody was intrigued.

Once I arrived in Roatan I was met and personally escorted by Van to my destination which was the Paradise Beach and the Mayan princess. From there all my guests arrived toting the suitcases that I couldn’t check in. It was quite fun and exciting to catch up with everybody and deliver much-needed supplies to the local clinics. They were so receptive and happy to have our donations and I was beyond thrilled to deliver them as well as my guests were!

During the week we found the right fit for every suitcase and every donation we brought. I was also happy to bring eyeglasses and hearing aids to the island and deliver those accordingly.

Clinic visits and school supplies were on the top of the agenda and we had fun and learned a lot I understanding what is needed and how grateful they were that we cared enough to do so. It was an easy seamless procedure and your people in Canada were wonderful and making sure we got everything that we needed and it was so well done my clients were so impressed with how well it was packed and organized and decent suitcases and no one had any issues and immigration and all felt that they had indeed given.

I believe that we are all in for next year and are planning on possibly two or three weeks in March with some new clientele who I will for sure educate and the inner workings of not just tourists and they’re wonderful hearts” -Dawn Fairbanks NJT Toronto

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