Mike takes a suitcase to Dominican Republic

Mike took four suitcases with his students to the Dominican Republic! Thank you! ? [NJT Toronto]

“I had a great trip in the DR with 10 university of Guelph students and seven alumni. We built 10 chicken coups and provided 30 chickens for each. Taught in three schools and installed a renewable resource drip irrigation system for a large vegetable garden.

First mission trip for most of the students and they had their eyes opened to the big needs in the communities. They were encouraged by all the smiles and thank you for the assistance they provided.

That the supplies were for humanitarian work for the very poor of Sosua neighbourhoods. The last supervisor had compassion and waived the fees.

The clinic was small crowded but clean and organized. They focus on woman in crisis that are pregnant. Around 70 to 100 Haitians and 70 to 100 Dominicans under their care. These woman have no where else to go as they can not afford the hospital. This clinic is run solely by donation under Servants Heart.

After you see and experience the desperate needs and lack of supplies and the joy and help this brings to these desperate woman and girls you want to bring more suitcases next time. Even if it is difficult and you have to pay the additional fees to the airline, I believe it is worth it.


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