Josee takes a suitcase to India

Sounds like a wonderful time in India for Josée, thanks for taking a suitcase along too ^_^ [NJT Toronto] “On the way to India, I flew via Mumbai to Calcutta and then went to various towns and villages in Orissa. But my luggage was stuck in Mumbai airport/customs. The airline (JetAir) is apparently now in receivership and Read more about Josee takes a suitcase to India[…]

Vicki and Barry takes a suitcase to San Pedro

Vicki and Barry took a suitcase to Hopes Clinic in San Pedro, in Belize, thanks so much! <3 [NJT Toronto] “I can’t emphasize enough how very grateful Dr. Daniel Gonzales was to receive everything. As a matter of fact, as soon as we opened the suitcase, he took out some bandages and gave them to his nurse Read more about Vicki and Barry takes a suitcase to San Pedro[…]

Wendy takes a suitcase to Santiago

Thank you to Wendy for taking a suitcase to Family Medical Clinic in Santiago ^_^ [NJT Toronto] “We had a wonderful time as usual and each time we feel closer to the people of Cuba. They are such wonderful unassuming people. They appreciate everything that comes their way, whether it is clothes, medication, books or old computers. Read more about Wendy takes a suitcase to Santiago[…]

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