Josee takes a suitcase to India

Sounds like a wonderful time in India for Josée, thanks for taking a suitcase along too ^_^ [NJT Toronto] “On the way to India, I flew via Mumbai to Calcutta and then went to various towns and villages in Orissa. But my luggage was stuck in Mumbai airport/customs. The airline (JetAir) is apparently now in receivership and Read more about Josee takes a suitcase to India[…]

Winnie and Satish takes a suitcase to Bhubaneswar

Two of our amazing volunteers, Winnie and Satish, took a suitcase to their hometown of Bhubaneswar, India, amazing job! Thank you for everything that you do! [NJT Toronto] “Winnie and I had a great trip. Bhubaneswar is our home town, so we know a few doctors through relatives and friends. We spoke to 4 health Read more about Winnie and Satish takes a suitcase to Bhubaneswar[…]

Myron takes a suitcase to Rajastan

“My intention with my trip to India is one of personal growth, community support, and spiritual elevation. I recognize the importance of my visit to be mutually beneficial for both myself and the country that I hope to gain so much from. The suitcase of medical supplies provided to me by Not Just Tourists seems Read more about Myron takes a suitcase to Rajastan[…]

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