Wendy takes a suitcase to Camaguey

Thank you to Wendy and friends for taking 4 suitcases of medical supplies to Camaguey, Cuba! Amazing! <3 [NJT Toronto] “On our third day we visited the Local Cuban Clinic in Santa Lucia. We spent all morning with them, toured their facility, talked with them. My son Jonathan goes all out to mingle with the locals and Read more about Wendy takes a suitcase to Camaguey[…]

Rick King delivers a suitcase to Camaguey

“”I dropped off a suitcase at the Amalia Simoni Hospital on Wednesday. It is a non-tourist hospital in central Cuba. The entire medical staff joined us in the Director’s office and, as typical for Cubans, there were speeches extolling the solid friendship between Canada and Cuba”  – Rick King, Volunteer, Traveller, in Camagüey, Cuba.” Thank Read more about Rick King delivers a suitcase to Camaguey[…]

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