Lyndsay takes a suitcase to Dominican Republic

Big thanks to Lyndsay for taking a suitcase to the Dominican Republic! [NJT Toronto]

“Our trip was amazing! This was my second visit to Hospital Luis Napoleon Beras in Quisqueya, Dominican Republic, and I was greeted like family at the door with a huge hug and kiss. To my left is my friend Marisol, the Director, as well as some of the other doctors at the hospital. There are 24 in total — this is a regional countryside hospital, far away from the typical tourist areas. Not pictured is my driver friend, who I’ve hired on both trips to coordinate the drop off and drive me to and from my lodgings in Boca Chica.

I first came across NJT after last year’s hurricane season when I was trying to find a way to help those affected. I was inspired by the concept, so when I had the opportunity to take a vacation I looked for somewhere a little bit off the beaten path, assuming there would be a need. I wasn’t mistaken! The hospital staff were extremely grateful for the suitcases, which will be used to help many people as this is the only hospital around for quite some distance.”

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