Wendy takes a suitcase to Camaguey

Thank you to Wendy and friends for taking 4 suitcases of medical supplies to Camaguey, Cuba! Amazing! <3 [NJT Toronto]

“On our third day we visited the Local Cuban Clinic in Santa Lucia. We spent all morning with them, toured their facility, talked with them. My son Jonathan goes all out to mingle with the locals and listen to them intently. We took several pictures, however most are with Jonathan who has gone back to work. I am forwarding what we have and as I collect the pictures, will forward the same later. The doctor signed the papers and also listed the items they are most in need of like Ibubrophen, tylenol, acetaminophen etc…

In all we had 8 suitcases for the people of Cuba, four were medical supplies and 4 were gifts, clothes, shoes and medicines from our family.

The hospital staff at the local Cuban Clinic thank you all for your hard work and effort over the years. They recalled our visit to them five years ago.

Erin, our group leaves for India today and tomorrow, so I am rather busy, but wanted to send this off to you before we fly.

Hope to see you sometime in 2019, meanwhile continue the good work and God Bless you and the team.

Wendy, Mario, Terence, Jonathan, Brian, Desmond, Talisa”

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