Theresa takes a suitcase to Nepal

Theresa took a suitcase all the way to Nepal and it sounds like an incredible trip!

“I had a wonderful time trekking in the Solukhumbu region of Nepal, with Everest visible nearby, blue skies, rhododendron forests, no other trekkers until we joined the main Everest trekking route for the last few days. This area is just beginning to be developed for trekking and has the advantage of not being as arduous as the higher treks, with jeep roads available for those who might need a break, but still getting up to 4000 metres!

Unfortunately I decided not to stay on and volunteer at Pattale Clinic for a few reasons, the major one being there was no-one in the village who could speak English and so help me understand what was going on at the clinic. The medical worker there was, however, thrilled with the medical supplies that I delivered.

The clinic has an examination room, an office/interview room, and a waiting area. The Australian group who fund the clinic pay the medical worker’s salary and upkeep of the clinic. The next project is to paint the bare wooden walls….
I was happy to take a suitcase as I flew on Etihad and I only needed one 23kg bag where they allowed two: simple!
If you have anyone interested in going to this area, feel free to put them into contact with me.
All the best, Theresa”

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