Marilyn takes a suitcase to Veradero

Marilyn took a suitcase on a recent trip to Veradero, Cuba!

“We had a wonderful trip. I’ll tell you about our experience:
We asked several people about local clinics. We had intended to go to the clinic in Varadero but were told that Cardenas had a greater need so we decided to go there. 

Our Air Transat representative made an appointment for us with her sister, an anesthetist in Cardenas who also teaches at the University, who would tell us where to direct our donations. We took a taxi to Cardenas (70CUC return) but the doctor was tied up and unable to meet with us. Our taxi driver stepped in and took us to the office of the director of medical services for the region. After some discussion we were taken to a children’s clinic across the street. 

It is the Centro Docente de Rehabilitación del Neurodesarrollo Rosa Luxemburgo and deals mainly with developmental disorders so I suspect that some of the materials we brought would not be used there but the director assured us that anything they couldn’t use would be given to another clinic.

There was a language barrier but they told us that they needed teaching aids for children with learning / intellectual disabilities, and autism spectrum disorders. They also require gels for electrodes (pictures attached). I don’t know if your organization collects supplies like this. 

We were welcomed enthusiastically and given a tour of the modest facility and introduced to all the staff (and some patients). I worked for many years as a pediatric social worker and Lillian, who also took a suitcase, is a retired teacher so it was obvious to us that their need is great and I would like to do more to help them if I can. It was a positive experience for us and we are grateful to have been given the opportunity. We hope to return to Cuba next year and will contact NJT before we go. 


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