Robert McNamara delivers a suitcase to Cancun

“This was our first time delivering a suitcase of medical supplies for Not Just Tourists. We travelled to the Cancun Mexico Airport and stayed at the Now Jade Riviera Cancun Resort near a small town named Puerto Morelos.

Laura Callaghan from Not Just Tourists did a great job walking me through the process via email. No problems. Erin Cattral from Not Just Tourists emailed me all the documents I required. No problem. I picked up the suitcase from Tim Mok [great guy] at the Pharmacy on Kingston Rd. Very convenient. Absolutely no problem getting the equipment through security and customs in Canada and Mexico.

When we got to the resort, we immediately started looking for clinics to donate the suitcase. Unfortunately, all the clinics we could find were for profit and therefore not appropriate. This is were the Now Jade Riviera Cancun Resort Concierge service came in. They were instrumental in tracking down the local Red Cross. Without them, it would have taken a lot longer for us to explain in our limited spanish exactly what it was that we were trying to do. The Red Cross was very receptive to receiving the medical supplies and actually sent an ambulance to the hotel to pick up the medical supplies. When the Ambulance arrived, the Concierge located us in the hotel and brought us to the very grateful Red Cross representatives. We have cc’d Isabel Morgado who is the Chief Concierge of Now Jade Riviera Cancun.

The two Red Cross representatives who came with the ambulance were very nice men who were pretty excited about the medical equipment and supplies stash. They said that these supplies would go to good use and were much appreciated. They have contacted us several times since (through facebook) to thank us and also wanted to contact the Not Just Tourists organization so that they can thank you.. They have also posted pictures of us handing over the medical supplies with the Now Jade Resort representatives in the picture. You can find their facebook page by searching “Cruz Roja – Puerto Morelos”. We have cc’d Dr. Alexandro Cuahonte & Dr. Daniel Fonseca of the Puerto Morelos Red Cross so that you have their contact information [Please contact NJTT for details].

We found this experience very rewarding and will definitely be doing this in the future. We posted our experience on our facebook page and hopefully our friends will get interested in helping out as well.”

– Thank You to Robert McNamara, who heard about NJT in the newspaper and Toronto Travel Show and demonstrated how to be more than Just a Tourist!

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