Martin Bragagnolo delivers a suitcase to Bangkok

Another successful delivery of medical supplies to Bangkok! Travellers like Martin Bragagnolo help Not Just Tourists medical supplies get across the globe to clinics in need! Thank you Martin! “Hello from Bangkok  🙂We delivered the bags with supplies as planned toGohappiness.comPlease see attached pictures for confirmation of receipt. Have a great day!” – Martin B.

Ken Dexell takes a suitcase to Bangkok

Ken Dexell, visited this free clinic in Bangkok where “at the end of the day, everyone gets treated… The doctors are under strict orders by Surat to treat everyone equally, regardless of their position in society or the color of their skin.” Run by Surat Vongchangsilp, a local businessman (pictured) and totally for free, for Read more about Ken Dexell takes a suitcase to Bangkok[…]

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