Michael and Sonya takes a suitcase to Cuba

Thank you to Michael and Sonya for including a suitcase of medical supplies as part of some of the wonderful things they are doing in Cuba! [NJT Toronto]

“Would like to thank you for all your support.
We had a great trip. We had many adventures one day we went to Cardenas Baptist church.There we dropped off 1 medical suitcase and another with 300 pairs of prescription eye wear. We also went to a garden in the center of town where we drop off vegetable seeds, been going there for years picking veges from the seeds we give them. We also went to a Pottery and organic farm, that was a good day meals available there, had some very fresh fruit there had a request for broccoli seeds got them all packed for next trip.

Another day we went the church of Matanzas where we dropped off 2 suitcases of medical supplies along with tooth brushes, tooth paste, and diabetes blood testing kit and strips. They were very grateful, we have had correspondence with Pastor Eduardo since our return, they have helped hundreds of people with the supplies we gave them we plan on returning there in April.

Matanzas is a interesting place there is a baseball diamond there that is very old the original one in Cuba, baseball players train there, many teams from Canada play exhibition games there and leave equipment they are in need of anti inflammatory medicine and vitamins.
Our last stop was Royal pet h veterinarian clinic we gave them 1 large suitcase with bandages, sterile cleaning solution, tape, cones for after operations, medical books, high protein food and much more.

We plan on returning to Varadero on April 19,2019 hope we can count on your support once again.

Thank you
Michael and Sonya”

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