Sylvia and Tom take a suitcase to Jamaica

Once again Not Just Tourists – Manitoba has a wonderful story from one of our travelers who just came back from Jamaica:

Our trip was great. We had a fantastic time. We had no problem at customs with the suitcase and West Jet was fantastic. We asked the transfer driver and manager where we were staying in Negril for a local clinic where the locals go. They took us about 30 minutes from Negril just in the hills to a small nurse run primary care clinic that has a doctor come periodically.

The name of the clinic was Cave Valley Health Centre in March Town, Jamaica. It is in part of the Hanover Health Dept. and the two nurses there were very thankful for all of the donated items. I gave her the information from on the paper regarding the Not Just Tourists organization.

The clinic was so basic with limited equipment … at least in the room that we were in. They were very busy so we didn’t get a tour.

I took some pictures. It was very rewarding taking the suitcase and we will be sure to do it again on our next holiday.

Chris our driver who was in the picture (white shirt but not a doctor lol) said they would love to get further donations in the future. Chris lives in the area and all of his children were immunized in this clinic.

Take care,
Sylvia and Tom

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