Asher takes a suitcase to Bequia

“My trip to Bequia was amazing, always great to go back to the place I called home for the first 17 yrs of my life and most importantly to see my family who still lives there. It was a trip filled with a lot of first experiences, I flew direct from Toronto to St.Vincent and the Grenadines as the nation finally have an international airport so that was a pretty monumental experience for me.

After delivering the supplies to the Bequia hospital the next day I had to return, only this time as a distressed granddaughter as my grandfather had the flu and while he was up and about at home he blocked out and fell, thankfully nothing was broken but his fever was so high, he had to be admitted, where they took very good care of him and I was allowed to spend the night with him as I did not want to leave him alone due to other medical issues he has and I knew it would be too much for the staff to look after him around the clock, BTW that was a first for me also never spent a night in a hospital ever. The doctor and nurses took very good care of him and for that I am forever grateful and now it’s my mission to spread the word as much as possible about Not just Tourists and all the great things you do for the less develop countries around the world.

It was important to me to take these medical supplies to Bequia hospital because they are running on minimal medical supplies. The doctor and staff work as hard as they can to supply the best care possible, but often, it’s not enough. Donating through organizations such as yours, helps brings the necessary supplies that is needed for them to do their job and provide the people of Bequia with the best medical care possible.

Thank You Not just Tourists for all that you have done and this will not be the last you ever hear from me, planning my next trip soon and you will be the first to know so I can do my part in whatever way I can.

Asher” [NJT Toronto]

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