Susan and James Williams take a suitcase to Panama

Susan and James Williams, took two suitcases of supplies to Panama:

“We had a great time. It was a family holiday and over the course of 6 weeks 19 family and friends visited my parents in-laws at the villa they had rented. We did some diving, touring, visited & enjoyed Panama City and even did a quick stop in the way home in Bogota. 

For me traveling isn’t just about sitting on a beach, seeing older than time temples and ruins, hiking volcanoes, scuba diving….it’ about learning about the world and all the amazing people & cultures who are in it. Traveling has also made me appreciate how truly lucky I am ~ and I have gained a deeper appreciation for everything I have, the opportunities and advantages. It’s important that we help our neighbors & our community but also those outside our circle that may not be as fortunate. I am by no means rich so I look for ways that I can give that aren’t just economically focused. NJT allowed me to make a big impact which just cost me a little time. It almost seems unfair ~ NJT organized everything, someone else donated the suitcase, volunteers packed and prepared the bags and I got all the warm fuzzy glory. We are the talk of the town!”

Special thanks to Samsonite  for the bag!

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