Janine Cavin delivers a suitcase to Kenya

Janine Cavin went on a “trip of a lifetime” to Kenya. This her experience:

“It was my fourth trip to Kenya. You may ask “Why was this trip so different?” Well, in the past, I traveled as part of an organized trip or safari. Don’t get me wrong these trips were great but this year, I wanted to see Kenya my way.

At this time, I should tell you that I am an elephant lover and I foster eight (8) baby elephants at the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Nairobi (DSWT). The DSWT operates several locations in Kenya. The Nursery in Nairobi takes care of the young babies that have just been rescued. When they get older, the orphans are transferred to the other locations where they are slowly reintroduced to wild elephants and when they are ready, they join a family and leave the care of their keepers.

My itinerary was designed to follow the elephants. It took me from the nursery in Nairobi to Amboseli to see wild elephants, to Umani Springs in the Kibwezi Forests, one of the DSWT location, to Tsavo East where the DSWT has a location and where there are a good number of “red elephants” due to the colour of the earth, and then to Mombasa for two days of R&R before the long flight back to Toronto

I met some amazing people along the way. Travelling alone, there are more opportunities to speak with the locals than when in a group. My driver/guide was a Masai who shares my admiration of elephants. His name is James Nairuko.

James recommended the Amboseli Dispensary to be the recipient of the medical supplies “Not Just Tourists Toronto” and we delivered them On March 3, 2016. The Amboseli Dispensary is located in Loitokitok, a Masai community near the Amboseli National Park.

Dr Christopher Waweru, the only physician at the dispensary and in the community, greeted us. He has two young women working with him, one who does some laboratory work (mainly malaria and HIV) and the other one is being trained to assist him.

There is one examination room and the patients wait outside on the veranda. When I was there, there were a few women with babies waiting to see the doctor and 4 school girls.

A larger clinic is being built next door to the dispensary, but I have the feeling that work is being done on and off, depending on the money available. The Doctor told me they were waiting for donations to continue with the construction.

We took some pictures outside and then went in. The suitcase was open and the content examined. The Dr and staff were grateful for all the supplies and thanked me profusely. As North American, we are not used to such expression of appreciation and it was overwhelming.”

Big thank you to Samsonite  for the luggage!

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