Sophie C. takes a suitcase to Isla de la Juventud

Thank you Sophie C. for taking a suitcase to Isla de la Juventud and sharing your sweet story with us!! 

I came back from my trip to Isla de la Juventud in Cuba last week. I had no problem bringing the suitcase all the way there and the young doctor in charge of the clinic in the small town of Argelia Libre (100 families) was extremely grateful for all the medical supplies. He couldn’t believe his eyes! That small clinic lacks everything. It was a wonderful experience for me too as I travel there on a regular basis (my husband owns a house there) and know the people personally. 

I’ve attached a photo of Dr. Adrian Rodriguez with the suitcase and also a copy of the form he filled out. He wrote his special needs in Spanish but what he desperately needs is an otoscope. He uses the light from his cell phone to look into ears and throat and it’s very difficult for him to diagnoses ear infections in children, etc. If you ever come across one, please think of him!

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be more than just a tourist! I’d be more than willing to take another suitcase next time I go.

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