Richard and Hedi Ruminski take a suitcase to Cuba

Veteran NJT suitcase travellers, RICHARD & HEDI, bring another two suitcases on their third trip to Cuba! Richard and Hedi share NJT’s mission and ultimate goal to help others in need. Thank you for your continued support and inspiring our volunteers.

“Hedi and I visited the University of Dental Sciences for the third time in as many years after we learned from students of the shortage of basic supplies such as masks and gloves needed in treating the people of Santiago.On this visit the Dean, vice-dean and a former Dean gave us a warm welcome and conveyed their thanks and appreciation which we in turn pass on to you the volunteers of Not Just Tourists who make it possible to live inspired lives.

Thanks to all the dedicated volunteers of Not Just Tourists for making our trip so much more memorable to Santiago de Cuba and the Maternity Hospital of Mariana Grajales Cuello where we delivered two large suitcases of medical supplies.We were given a warm reception by the director Doctor Yorgan Gomez Neyra and staff for which apparently this was a first ever event.”

–Richard and Hedi Ruminski

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