Bernice takes a suitcase to Calgary

Bernice from Calgary just returned from Malawi! She worked diligently with our suitcase coordinator Erin to make this delivery possible. Bernice heard about NJT from her son, a member of Roncesvalles United Church – our home! Word of mouth is absolutely incredible, keep sharing! <3

“I have returned from Malawi – it was a true adventure and the suitcase made it to the hospital in Melange without a hitch.

There was not a twinge of problem with the suitcase at customs in Malawi – I presented papers and told them about the contents of the suitcase – they were not the least bit interested and the suitcase was not even opened.

On May 16, Dr. Ruth Shakespeare, the head doctor at Mulange Mission Hospital, received the suitcase and filled out the forms. Our Habitat host had called ahead and we stopped on our way back to the lodge after work. She was sitting on the stone wall waiting for us to arrive, so we did not see inside the hospital, but some of the local Habitat people said the hospital was good. I’m including a picture with the entire Habitat team from Canada.

I am returning to Africa in September, first in South Africa and then moving on to Victoria Falls (Zimbabwe, Botswana and Zambia). You told me already that NJTs does not deliver to South Africa, but possibly we can take the suitcase on. I had to pay for the suitcase to Malawi, but the airline people said that had I contacted them well before the date of flight, very possibly the cost would have been waived. If you have contacts in Zambia, etc., perhaps I can speak to the people organizing our tour who may agree to transporting the suitcase out of South Africa.

A neighbor has given me another big suitcase already!

Best regards,

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