Mike takes a suitcase to Kathmandu

Big Thank you to Mike for taking a suitcase all the way to Kathmandu, Nepal! [NJT Toronto]

“Nepal was amazing as always! Such a beautiful country with incredible people. My visit this time was a combination of retreat (solo meditation at the beautiful Pullahari Monastery) and some unpaid work (lecturing and coaching) with the Kathmandu Medical College and community programs. I work in mental health here in Canada and have been connecting with the dedicated Vice-Chair of the Nepal Psychological Association to support cross learning and program development. They are desperate for training and resources in this area. We focused on the topics of addiction treatment and trauma informed care.

Admittedly, I am not great at taking photos but her is a picture of my friend Dr. Prinsu Pokheral who accepted the NJT supplies. Prinsu has just graduated from medical school and is now working with a therapist to set up a small community clinic near her home outside of Kathmandu. Her father, Pradibna, is a local business man and has been supporting her in her efforts and is working to retro-fit a small building for the clinic. Supplies are expensive and hard to come by so the items from NJT are very much appreciated and will help out a great deal.

This is the second time in the last 6 months that I have been able to bring supplies over and they are so incredibly appreciated! Having spent time at the hospital in Kathmandu city I have seen firsthand the struggles that people go through trying to get access to care, and care that is affordable and effective. Prinsu’s desire to help her community to have better, more accessible care is inspiring to me and I will do whatever I can to help support her in this cause. Prinsu is still looking for other ways to get more needed supplies to help get the clinic functional should you have any other suggestions that we may pursue.

Thank-you for helping make this possible!

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