Marilyn and Michael Clarke delivers a suitcase to Phuket

“We arrived in Phuket on January 31st and over the past week, we have been looking for the proper clinic to donate the bandages, etc that we received from your organization. With the assistance of an acquaintance and his Thai friend, we were able to locate the ideal place for the donation.

Yesterday, we went to the Chalong Trauma Center and met the head Doctor and nurses. We explained the purpose of our visit and the role of “Not Just Tourists Toronto”. They informed us that their centre handles primarily local Thai patients who have been involved in automobile, motorbike, scooter and industrial type accidents. As well, it also serves as a maternity centre for locals in the area. We are to understand that the services they provide are free of charge to Thai people.

Needless to say, the staff was thrilled to receive the materials that you provided to us. When we showed them what we had for them, the staff started to place the materials for inspection on one of their gurneys. After they realized that we wanted to take a picture, they rolled in one of their brand new gurneys that they had received only 10 minutes earlier and still had the cellophane wrapping on it. That was quickly removed and moved into place for displaying of the bandages.

All in all, in was a very positive experience for everyone involved and we look forward to bringing them more medical supplies when we return again next year.


Marilyn and Michael Clarke”
– Phuket, Thailand, with Air Canada and Thai Airways

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