Marie takes a suitcase to India

Thank you to Marie for taking a suitcase on a recent volunteer trip to India! [NJT Toronto]

“It was an interesting trip and volunteer experience. We were placed in the clinic where about 60-80 people come for 5hours we were there for each day.

The suitcase was not brought to the clinic as the clinic did not need the supplies present in the suitcase. It was brought to the hospital by the doctor responsible running the clinic and who started and built the clinic for people living in the slum. The people need medications more than the supplies we brought.

In the clinic, they focused on treating the symptoms rather than exploring the underlying cause due to their lack of monetary resources. It was very unfortunate as these people were given medications/tablets for 2-3days only as the clinic can only supply minimal amount of drugs. Overall, I think the hospital still used the supplies we brought to help patients who are in need.”

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