Julie takes a suitcase to Arusha

Thank you to Julie for being more than a tourist and taking supplies to Meru District Hospital in Arusha, Tanzania. Julie said “it really does make a difference in the places they end up!” Read the rest of her story below 


“The staff was very grateful to receive the supplies and they were immediately distributed and put to use in the different wards.

My experience at the hospital was difficult, many of the patients were extremely ill and many diseases that are routine to treat here in Canada are not treated there (like cancer). 

The hospital treats children, pregnant patients, and HIV patients without any charge and because of this they often run out of necessary materials (ultrasound jelly, antibiotics, dissolving stitches for C-sections) for these groups. 

While I was there I purchased many medications and materials for the hospital to distribute as well. Despite many difficulties, the resilience of the patients was very inspiring. Tanzanian people have a lot of faith and believe strongly in fate. Every day the patients would be positive and at peace with their situation. 

Tanzanian life in general is very relaxed and cheerful, and the people are so welcoming and generous. I enjoyed my experience overall, and I am hopeful for continued growth and improvement at Meru hospital. I appreciate the hard work that you do to gather supplies and put together suitcases to send around the world, it really does make a difference in the places where they end up. 

Thanks again!”

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