Judy takes a suitcase to Sri Lanka

Thank you Judy for taking a suticase all the way to Sri Lanka! [NJT Ottawa]

“In November 2017 I transported a suitcase of medical supplies for Not Just Tourists – Ottawa to Sri Lanka. 
With assistance from local resources I was linked to the Sri Lankan Red Cross – Batticaloa Branch Office.

This particular office is managed and maintained by a corps of volunteers. Activities include but are not limited to primary 
health care and first aid training and treatment.

The officers present who accepted the gift from Canada were extremely grateful and willing recipients. They have to raise 
funds in order to purchase supplies therefore the gift was well received.

Sri Lanka Red Cross Societies exist in all provinces of the country.

Best regards, 

Canadian Address: 214 Wright Ave (Roncesvalles), Toronto, Ontario

US Address: 3731 E. Casselle Ave, Orange, California
email: [email protected] Tel: +1(657) 348-4236