Howard and Cathy delivers a suitcase to Chivirico

Hi everyone,
I just wanted to share a story about two of our travellers, Howard & Cathy, who delivered suitcases to Chivirico, Cuba. Thank you Howard and Cathy for taking the time to deliver the suitcases! [NJT Waterloo]

Did you meet an interesting people? 
Yes, we met the hospital staff and they were overjoyed with the contribution of supplies.

Did you experience any adventures on your trip? (NJT volunteers are excited to know and follow your path.)
Many enjoyable travel adventures in Eastern Cuba. No problem getting the supplies through customs.

What was the hospital/clinic like?
The hospital is primitive compared to our standards, but good for Cuba. I hear their doctors and other medical staff are well trained.

We are most curious as to why it was important for you to take a suitcase? 
This was our third visit to the town of Chivirico and we have a good friend there. We usually bring personal hygiene items for distribution to the locals. This opportunity provided us with another chance to help out the town.

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