Jim takes a suitcase to Cuba

Thank you to Jim for taking a suitcase on a recent trip to Cuba! Jim noted “It’s not just the weather that is warm in Cuba, so are the people” Thank you for being more than a tourist! <3

“On Feb 21 we delivered our duffle bag of medical supplies to a local clinic about 20 min out from the Brisas Sierra Del Mar resort in which we stayed.

We asked one of the waiters at the resort (whom we had befriended) if he could recommend one. He knew of a clinic relatively close by and during his meal break took us in his uncle’s car. Like last time we were in CUBA the staff at the clinic were very grateful for receiving the items…and once again it was great having a “guide” with us to help explain things and show us around (in fact afterwards he took us to a nearby school as well as we had some school supplies to offer too). It was a great little adventure we had meeting and greeting the people and children.

When we got back to the resort we offered our driver some cash for driving us but he refused to take it as he appreciated what we had done (however we insisted he take “gas” money for his uncle which he finally accepted). It’s not just the weather that is warm in Cuba, so are the people.
Again thank you for the opportunity to help out.

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