Hamish takes a suitcase to Varadero

Hamish took a bag to Varadero, Cuba! Thank you so much for making NJT a part of your trip! <3

“We had a really good time in Varadero. All things considered we probably would have had an even better time if we had just concentrated on Havana, but aside from that it was a relaxing, fun trip.

We ended up hiring another classic car and driver to go into Varadero to deliver the supplies to two clinics. We had two suitcases, so one each. We had done this in Holguin City so it was, again, a very positive experience and the receiving staff were appreciative of the gesture.

The clinics themselves were clean and looked to be well-managed. Typical tropical hospital situations. It wasn’t difficult to find someone who spoke english. One note although there is a letter for customs officials in the suitcase explaining what the suitcases are for, there isn’t a similar letter of introduction for the clinicians themselves. It would have saved a lot of hand gestures and fractured translations to have a simple letter that explains what NJT is all about.

The major comment they both made was that a) they *really* need basic basic stuff like good quality sterile gloves. So please send more…

We do this because it’s available and it’s the right thing to do – it doesn’t seem right to be vacationing in a gated paradise while surrounded by impoverished locals, without doing something to offset the disparity.

Thanks again for the opportunity!


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