Jen Colenutt takes a suitcase to Kenya

More from the lovely Jen Colenutt, who headed out on Ethiopian Airlines and travelled in Kenya – sounds like you had a great time! Welcome back!

” Our trip to Nairobi (first stop) was amazing and we got to drop off the suitcase of supplies to Fremo medical centre – a 24 facility with a small pharmacy, blood clinic and birthing rooms for mothers in need. We even saw a new infant born the day before there with her mom. (You can also follow them via facebook.) Moffat was the gentlemen that we met at the clinic and he told us a story on how most fathers don’t take part in the birthing process but when one dad opted to stay in the room, he said that his outlook had changed after that. He now helps around the house and has more compassion for what it is like to be a mother. In the facility there were options on how the mother would like to have her baby so that it feels the most natural for them.
I’ve included some photos and truly everyone we met there was so warm, welcoming and thankful for any help and kindness that we could give them. Thank you for setting this organization up to help those in need because it was truly worth it.
Jack Bambo helped us to connect with the clinic as he’s very media savy and is a founder of Uriri light school which helps children get an education and also houses some orphans. We visited this village and are now helping to raise money for a school bus for these kids!”

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