Ian and Dianne takes a suitcase to Moron

Hi everyone,
I just wanted to share a story about two of our travellers, Ian and Dianne, who brought a suitcase with them to Moron, Cuba. Thank you, Ian and Dianne, for taking the time to bring a suitcase with you on your trip! [NJT Waterloo]

Digital imaging in North American hospitals is something we take for granted. I have benefited greatly from this amazing technology. At the hospital in Moron, Cuba, they received their first digital technology last week! We sometimes forget how fortunate we are here in Canada.
We had a great experience delivering the 10 kg of medical supplies to the hospital in Moron. Attached is a photo of Ian & I with the Director of the hospital (on the left side of the photo) and the Vice-director for Medical Supplies ( on the right side of the photo).

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