Eileen takes a suitcase to Cuba

Eileen took a suitcase on her recent trip to Cuba, sounds like the perfect trip! ?

“I brought a NJT suitcase to the small fishing village of Boca De Sama in Holguin Province, Cuba.

I had no difficulty at the airport. There was an organized tour at my resort going to the village and the tour guide Robert was thrilled when he read the letter and understood what the suitcase contained.

When we arrived at the clinic, I met Dr. Maikel Clemente Garcia who did not speak any English but read that accompanying letter in Spanish. Robert translated and the doctor was overwhelmed with the contents of the suitcase!

He asked me to come back with Pediatric supplies and Birthing kits. I assured him I would be back as a Nurse, I can certainly see the contribution and impact this program makes in small rural clinics in a country such as Cuba.
Eileen Hannon.”

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