Cheryl Gaster takes a suitcase to Cuba

Thank you for taking a suitcase to Cuba Cheryl! Always lovely to hear that it was such a moving experience for all involved! <3

“I traveled to Cuba on April 25, 2017 and delivered the suitcase to the Robert Manuel Zulueta Cayol Clinic in Havana City on April 27, 2017. I don’t know if this clinic is on the list you provided to me, but my son and daughter-in-law had a contact within the Cuban Ministry of Health and he brought us to this clinic.

We met with the clinic’s director and staff and delivered the suitcase to them. They received the donation with gratitude and were quite emotional; they were moved to think that people in Canada cared enough about the people of Cuba to gather the medical equipment and bring it to Cuba, all done on a voluntary basis.

I apologize for the delay in sending you the confirmation of delivery. I thank you and the other volunteers for this second opportunity to make connections and do something that is so worthwhile during a vacation.

In solidarity,
Cheryl Gaster”

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