Clemence delivers a suitcase to Cuba

Another successful delivery to Cuba local clinic! Please read & share her story! Thank you Clemence! ?

“This summer, I decided to travel to Cuba for the first time. The country’s history and political situation made me decide to bring donations and I started reading forums about what to bring and how to help. Tourists usually go there with soaps, shampoos and pencils… but I thought that medical supplies would help better this country where the doctors are so famous all over the world but because of the embargo the hospital suffer a terrible lack of material. That’s how I joined NJT Bristol and travelled to Holguín with a 10kg suitcase registered for free with Thomas Cook Airline.

I was lucky to stay with a very friendly and hepful Cuban family. The day after my arrival, Rita, Robel and Emiliano helped me meeting the director of the Hospital clínico quirúrgico de Holguín, specialised in surgery, and drove me there for free. It went fast and they were very pleased and moved with the donations.

It is such a rewarding experience! A very simple and cheap way to help a lot of people and to not just be a tourist! I look forward to delivering a new suitcase on my next trip and I highly recommend everyone to do so! ?”- NJT Bristol

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