Claudia Hon takes a suitcase to Peru

A big thank you to NJT Volunteer Dr. Claudia Hon for taking a suitcase to their recent trip to Peru:

“So excited I managed to squeeze in a drop off on my recent trip- had a chance to see what all the fuss was about finally ? unfortunately I only had a small backpack for three weeks so it was only a small package of ‘safe items’ that I brought to Peru.

The drop off was on a beautiful island called Isla Taquile, culturally rich but with only a basic walk in clinic and pretty far from major towns. We met with the rotating doctor there who explained that due to the isolation and altitude, it isn’t uncommon for people to fall ill very quickly. She seemed grateful for the supplies, especially single use sterile wound care and surgical supplies. What they really also need is portable oxygen and a defibrillator, following the unfortunate death of a tourist last year. I will try to keep in touch and will this clinic if I can!

Our amazing tour guide Raul Guerra had organised a very busy few weeks of travel- an incredible experience and a beautiful country! We covered rainforest, cities, rivers, air, mountains (so many!), lakes and homestays. #Intrepid also share a love and emphasis on responsible travel and connecting with the community at all opportunities and it showed.

Trying to settle back into work and try to recover most of my decent photos from Peru. Bolivia was also incredible!

Much love! 
Missing NJT and the Toronto Family!!! You’re doing FANTASTIC work!!!”

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