Eileen takes a suitcase to Cuba

Huge thanks to Eileen for taking her 5th suitcase to ,Cuba, amazing job! ❤[NJT Toronto]

“This was our 5th visit to Cuba with a NJT suitcase of medical supplies. We always look for a small rural clinic to visit. This time we were told about this clinic by a staff member at our resort whose husband was a Doctor working at the clinic. Our taxi driver and translator knew where it was because he took his family there for their medical needs.

It was a larger clinic than some that we had been to in the past and it was busy with many patients waiting. Dr. Danilo Santiestaban Zaldivar was very welcoming and so grateful as I opened the suitcase and started to go through the contents with him with the assistance of our translator. He said everything would be used at the clinic or in the hospital where he also worked. He was especially grateful for the gloves and the smaller gauge needles for paediatric vaccination.

When he was completing the NJT paper work, he was so excited that he requested everything on the list and asked us when we could return! We assured him we would be back with his special requests that included a Stethoscope and a Blood Pressure Cuff. The Medical Team at Policlinica Jose M. Ricardo in Canadon said ” Gracias ” ! Thank you again to NJT and WestJet.”

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